Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Pray for Luke!

We have some friends whose seven year old son has just been diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia. Please lift this family up in your prayers. They are embarking on a season of life that no family ever should have to endure.
Luke is beginning chemotherapy immediately, and while the statistics for this type of leukemia are scary, we believe that God is capable of miracles.
The sepcific requests from the dad at this point are:
1. A "brave heart" for Luke (he has a fear of needles!)
2. A new form of normalcy for their family, especially the two other children as their mom and brother will be away at the hospital for an extended period for treatment.
3. That God will be glorified through all this.
4. Healing for Luke
Here is Quote from Steve's (dad) e-mail that was sent shortly after the diagnosis:
"Praise the Lord! The Lord is good all the time, and He truly has been good to us. He is strong enough to accomplish whatever He wills. He is the only One who loves Luke even more than Vikki and I. I don't know (thankfully) what lies ahead of us, but I absolutely know that God is good!"
I will update as I hear more.


One- said...

As I am writing this comment I am crying. I admire Steve's faith so much. God truly does love Luke so much, and that was an amazing statement to read. I will be praying.

Shannon said...

I'm stealing your post and adding it to my blog!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

I read about and comment on this on Shannon's post, just wanted you to know I am praying too.

Eryn Kesler said...

OK, where are you? We miss you! Eryn

infarrantly creative said...

Trish oh Trish where art thou?