Tuesday, October 2, 2007


I am throwing a little party tonight. I only invited myself, since it is kind of late, but you all can celebrate with me when you read this.
What am I celebrating?
Thank you for asking.
I am celebrating a major parenting milestone.
We are completely and totally a diaper and pull-up free house!
Cooper has been day time potty trained for well over a year, but we have been putting pull-ups on him at night. Well, for the past two months or so he has been waking up dry nearly every morning and yes, I re-used the dry pull-ups for a few nights before tossing them. (Which is not nearly as bad as my sister who rinses, dries and reuses disposable swim diapers!) Two weeks ago we used our last pull-up and I decided not to buy any more. I figured I could take him to the bathroom before I went to bed, and since he usually wanders into my room in the night I would have to make it a point of telling him to go potty before he gets in my bed.
It has worked. He has not had a single accident since he quit wearing the pull-ups!
(Isn't this about the time most people start wanting just "one more"? Cuz i don't have that feeling at all!)


Big Sista said...

Congrats! And just for clarification purposes; It is not me who reuses diapers!

infarrantly creative said...

Congrats, I have "big-boy underpants" envy. And to think we want to have another one. I have many years before I am there. If I were in the Couv I would celebrate with you. That is a reason for rejoicing.

Shannon said...

YEAH!!!!! I'm excited for you! stick with 2 babe...stick with 2!

~Kelli~ said...

Yeah! That's encouraged me to make that my goal as well...maybe by the end of the year...we could do it! Brandon turned 3 in June and just wears a pullup to bed...most days it's dry and he gets up at night to use the potty but I've been scared to take that next step and remove the protection! I want to though...that's it, 2 months and the pull ups will be gone! I'll try to get up at night and wake him just to avoid my fears of an accident...by dec I'm sure we can do it!

ginagae said...

What??? Is it really that gross? There's no poo. We just rinse the kids when they're done swimming, too. What do you wanna bet that SOMEONE peed in the pool. We don't throw them out when they're done swimming.....