Saturday, October 20, 2007

Camp Dutter

Cooper has a special name for his brother. He calls him Dutter. That was how Coop's first attempt at saying brother came out, and it stuck. We know that Cooper can now say the word brother, but we have allowed Dutter to remain as his special name for Ben.

Tonight was a fun family night, it started with pizza out with some very dear friends (We Love You Dumonts!) and then a fun filled family worship night at church. When we got home and I was putting the boys to bed, Coop wanted to sleep with Ben. That is usually cause for disaster because Ben is the one who falls asleep instantly and Cooper will lay awake in there and talk, sing or make just about any other noise, which really bothers Ben, then they end up fighting and then mommy ends up unhappy. Well, tonight Ben agreed to a letting Cooper sleep with him and I of course threatened that they would be seperated if there was any problems. The boys decided to get out the tiny indoor tent and set it up in Ben's room to sleep in. So the tent was up, the boys were snug in their sleeping bags, and I had prayed with them and was leaving the room when I heard Coop say "Dutter, your the best brother I ever had.", to which Ben replyed "I'm your only brother, but your the best brother I've ever had too."

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