Monday, March 16, 2009


has set in.

I'm tired. Very tired.

The moving truck comes tomorrow, which means I must now unplug my computer and pack it.

I hope to be able to buy a laptop this week...........

but for now I'm "unplugged".

I'll probably sneak off to the library to check e-mail and cruise blogs if time allows.

Otherwise, I'll see you all "on the other side" in a few weeks!

If you think about it, pray for us!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

It's liberating........

to sell practically everything you own.

Our life has been relegated to 25 boxes, five Rubbermaid totes, and 7 suitcases (we need a couple more BIG ones, if anyone out there has some they no longer need).

We have a few more bigger items that I am putting on Craigslist, but other than that it's all gone. Our garage sale was a HUGE success on Friday. We had beautiful sunny weather and lots of people stopped by. Saturday, not so much. It was rainy, windy and COLD! We did sell a few things, but by early afternoon it was very evident it was time to close up shop.

All of our housewares are packed and awaiting pickup this week by Roadway to begin their journey. It will all go by truck to Tacoma, then by barge to Anchorage, and finally by air from Anchorage to Kotzebue. We are hopeful that it will all arrive within a few days of our arrival there!

We are still in our house, albeit with no furniture other than our mattresses. Sometime this week we will be heading out of here to stay with friends and family for the remainder of our 12 days here.

Over the past few days we have been blessed by so many people who have stepped in to help with all the work that needed to be done. My in-laws came for a couple of hours one day last week and helped with packing. My friend Meleea also came over for a few hours to help with packing. On Thursday my friends Val and Kelly came and spent a good portion of the day helping me get set up for the sale! Then Thursday afternoon my sister Kris arrived and set out to work. And let me tell you that there is NO ONE that can work like Kris. She is amazing. Productive, decisive, motivated and strong. She spent the whole weekend working for me. Directing what needed to be done. On Friday my mom came and she worked right along with Kris. My mom is a self proclaimed clean freak. So you know that underneath my stove and fridge were cleaned as well as the shower knob in my bathroom!
Thank you so very much to all of you for your help. I was feeling completely overwhelmed by the task at hand last week and now I feel like life will be completely manageable and likely enjoyable these next two weeks. We are blessed by you!

We might be CRAZY.......

Go check out the latest pictures on Cathy's Blog.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Alright Elena..................

Here it is. The moment you have all been waiting for.

Right? I know you've all been sitting next to your computers waiting for this:

We are MOVING!

What? You say no big deal? People move all the time?

Well, people don't actually move all the time to where we are going.

We are moving to Alaska.

Okay, so people do move there.........

But we are moving to Kotzebue, Alaska.

Ha Ha! See you've never even heard of it, right?

That's because it is a village of about 3000 people located 30 miles north of the Arctic Circle.

Yep, I said 30 miles North of the Arctic Circle!

There, see the red dot? That's where we're going.

Here it is from the air:

See that strip of asphalt running through the bottom right corner?

That is the airport runway, on which Alaska Airlines lands 737.........

So I expect that ya'all will be coming to visit me sometime because you've always wanted to go to Alaska.

It's a long story on how this came about, but it is a good one, in which God has a mighty hand.

Sometime in the very near future I will be sharing it with you, but for now I have the monumental task of sorting, selling and packing up our house to focus on.

But soon, very soon I will give you the REST OF THE STORY. (RIP Paul Harvey!)

In the meantime, I leave you with this

(it is the blog of a gal that lives in Kotzebue. Go check it out, you'll be amazed and might even think we are certifiably crazy!

**We are leaving in 2.5 weeks and in that time we have to sell or get rid of nearly everything we own. the company that we have taken a job with provides furnished housing, so we are taking very little more than our clothes, the boys' toys, linens and kitchen stuff. Other than that, it all goes. We are having a giant garage sale this Friday and Saturday from 9-4, so if you are in the area, stop by! We also have a very cute house for sale or rent and two cars for sale!**

Sunday, March 1, 2009

This pretty much sums it up right now

My good friend Brenda sent this to me on facebook.
I've listened to it five times tonight for no other reason than the fact that it describes exactly where we are at.
It's worth the five minutes!