Monday, October 29, 2007

Disneyland on a Shoestring

The boys and I are going to Disneyland!! It seems kind of strange, with money as tight as it is and Dave not being able to go because of school, to be taking a vacation, but this will truly be a shoestring budget vacation.

My mom promises all her grandkids (all 19 of them) that she will take them to Disneyland the year that they turn 7. The grandkids are all pretty close in age so her trips always include two kids and sometimes three. This year it is Ben and Caleb's turn to go. I think this is her fifth trip with the grandkids, so she has it down to a science. However for safety reasons, she asks (and pays for!) a parent to go along. This time I get to go along and since Dave will be working and preparing for his finals the next week he is not able to keep Cooper home with him, so Coop gets to go also.

We will be staying at my parent's timeshare, so we will have a kitchen which I hope to put to very good use. My plan is to try not spend any money on food in the parks because it is soooooo expensive. I would love any hints or suggestions on meals to make, snacks to take and money saving vacation tips in general!

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Lee Ann said...

You should talk to Kristi. They do that a lot....on a shoestring. I know she has a funny story about being questioned how she was going to eat a cucumber without a knife (you can't take knives into the park.) She convinced them she was just going to bite it.