Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas 2009

We did celebrate it.
In Dillingham.

We had to really, tickets for us to fly to see our family would have cost $4182! Eek. Oh, and driving is just not an option, so stay we did.

Honestly, I didn't expect to do as well as I did. This was my our first Christmas not spent with family. But I did okay. Some days I cried, most I didn't.

Right around the time I started wondering what we were going to do for a Christmas tree, a gal that Dave works with offered to loan us an extra one that she had. Oh sure, we could have gone out and cut one down, but we really had no idea where to go. We had also heard that trees that are cut here don't last long because they die of shock when they are brought in to a warm house! We had no desire to see a tree "die of shock" right here in our living room, so the offer of an artificial pre-lit tree was truly a blessing.

The boys made their lists and they both requested new costumes. Cooper wanted a policeman costume and Ben wanted a "ranger's cloak". It just cracks me up that both of my boys LOVE to dressup. Remember last year's Christmas gifts? Believe it or not the ranger's cloak was easy, I just called Gramma! The policeman costume proved to be a little bit more difficult, but after much online searching I found one.

Ben in his rangers cloak with his new bow and arrow set.

Apparently I have not taken a picture of Cooper in his police costume yet, but here he is crashed out on Christmas night with the hat on!

Other gifts came by way of Santa Amazon and Vision Forum. It was truly the easiest Christmas shopping I've ever done and ALL of the gifts arrived in time for Christmas and most with free shipping!

When the shopping was done, I decided to start baking. I went in search of a good sugar cookie recipe and ran across Our Best Bites and fell in love!! I made these and this and this, all of which were very yummy and fun to give away. I really wanted to make these, but was not able to get the small jars at the store here. They are so cute though and I thought they would make fun teacher gifts.

Oh, and let us not forget the sugar cookie recipe. I had so much fun making these and this recipe is so easy and makes a really good cookie. I should know, I ate enough of them....

Christmas Eve brought a candlelight service at our church. It was very beautiful. Benjamin was asked to read part of the Christmas Story from Luke 2. He did such a great job! We were also able to hear Bible readings and Silent Night in the Yu'pik native language.

Christmas morning we slept in. Yes, I said, we slept in. Oddly enough our kids have NEVER woken up early on Christmas day. They're weird, but I'm not complaining. We got out of bed at 9:30 and I made the kids wait just a little bit longer while I got breakfast in the oven and then we set out to open gifts. The boys were very happy with their three gifts from mom and dad, their stockings filled by Santa, and their gifts from grandma and poppa.

After all the gifts were open we set to work at getting dinner ready. We had extended the invitation to other families, who have no family here, to come to dinner at our house. We ended up with about 20 people here for dinner and games that lasted late into the evening. It was so much fun!

Christmas 2009 will go down as one of our best Christmas' ever, if you ask me!


Katidids said...

Our best Christmas' ever were spent away from family. Sharing it with others..creating "family".we seemed to put more effort into the preparations & celebrations tended to have more meaning. I guess as it was focusd on our immediate family and faith. Those are the Christmas's our children speak as the favs. I'm happy you found JOY in yours!

Gramma 2 Many said...

I cried a little too. It was a good day for all of you, and that is all that counts.
Love the costumes too.

Kat said...

I lurve Amazon. I think that most of my shopping was done there too. And we have Amazon prime cause we are such junkies...

Karyn @ Candarbry Garden said...

Hey, Tricia, sounds like your heart just grew 4 sizes...

The Hayes Zoo said...

The first one is always the hardest. You made it. You made it memorable. Good girl. :)

Eryn said...

that is so awesome that you shared christmas with others in your town! I love that.

mmm. when my diet is over, I may try those sugar cookies, they look amazing!

Debbie said...

This sounds so warm and lovely. And what a blessing you were to those other families. And those cookies look like something out of Southern Living!