Thursday, January 7, 2010

Simply Random Thursday

Shhhh, listen. Can you hear that?
It's my husband. Snoring. At 9:00 in the morning.
He finally has a day off. He has worked 11 straight.
The boys are off to school, so it's just Dave and I home for the day.
That NEVER happens.
I'm going to make pancakes and bacon (his favorite) for breakfast.
Then we'll probably watch a movie or something.

Can I share with you one of the blessings of this house?
The garage is heated.
And we park the truck in it.
It was so nice to get into an already warm truck this morning to take the boys to the bus stop.

My boys don't usually ride the bus in the morning.
Normally Dave takes them to school on his way to the store.
Not needing to go into town today we opted for the bus.
We had no idea what time it came so we were out there early.
While sitting there in the beautiful morning moonlight (and our already warm truck), Benjamin said "It's amazing that God could create the world to work like it does." and Cooper said "I'm glad we live in Alaska mom."
I could only agree with both of them.

Have you ever read through the Bible in a year?
I never have. I'm not sure that I've ever even attempted to.
This year that is one of my goals.
I have the time. Trust me, I have lots of time these days.
And I really want to.
Last night I was blog surfing and went to my cyber friend Meredith's blog.
She had posted about a group of people that were reading through the Bible in a year.
So I invited myself to join along.
I am excited!
Care to join in?

And one final thought on this random day.
I've been thinking about changing blogging platforms (is that what this is called?).
From Blogger to Wordpress.
I've been playing around with Wordpress a little bit and it seems to have some better features than Blogger.
It seems a little more "grown-up" than Blogger.
I've already imported all my past blogs over there (it was soooo easy to do!).
I'm still blogging here for now, but I'm thinking that will change soon.

Check it out.

You can tell me what you think about it!


Kris said...

Have a great day! YMF

Eryn said...

I think wordpress is cool too, but It's way harder to find cool backgrounds for it. What a lame reason to keep blogger, right? But...I like the fancy backgrounds I can find for free for blogger. LOL...

and, I'm just so happy for you that your family is thriving in Alaska. God did good.

Kat said...

I have contemplated the move to wordpress, too. I just have so many issues with change :-) You'll have to let me know what you think. Is there a fee??

Debbie said...

WHA? CHANGE??? NOOOOOOO.....not that you should listen to me.... :)