Thursday, June 4, 2009


#1 12 pack Pepsi - $12.65
(I forgot to mention it was on sale, so we'll just go with regular price)

#2 Costco size tide - $43.75

#3 6Rolls charmin TP - $9.89

#4 - 28pk Water - $24.99

#5 - Farmans Dill Pickles - $6.98
(on sale, but notice the regular price!)

#6 - Oroweat Bread - $6.55

#7 Salad Dressing - $6.82 (on sale)

#8 One gallon milk - $9.49

Grand Total: $121.12
(if I had really bought these things there would also be a 6% sales tax on ALL of these items, so the actual total would be $128.39)

And the winner is:
her guess was $119.00.
(yeah, she's my sister, but we have honestly NEVER talked about the price of groceries)
So, what'll it be Gina, Starbucks or Target?
Thank you all for playing along!


Dawn said...

Congrats Gina! That was fun! Just like on t.v :)

Kris Walther said...

Congratulations Gina! Good game, Trish :)

Amy said...

That was fun! I was way over on my prices!

Elena said...

Okay I think seeing those prices made me throw up in my mouth even more than the thought of those seagull eggs. (Which I still think about a lot, you've scarred me. HA!) Oh my word!!! I can not believe those prices. I will never complain again. Okay, let's be honest, I'll TRY not to complain.

Lee Ann said...

Wahooo Gina!

That's just CRAZY prices! I can't even imagine!

Thanks for posting a game!

Dee said...

I'm a sore loser! How about a second place prize....teasing! :0)

Congrats, Gina!

Those prices are amazing! 24.99 for stinkin water! Holy cow!

The Hayes Zoo said...

My husband wants to know if those prices are in USD or in Rupees. :)

I was actually a bit surprised that some of those things were that low in price. Hmmmm....

Scary isn't it!?

Kris said...

Good thing I did not try, cause we HAVE discussed the prices of groceries! Besides I have 2 Starbuck's cards that might take me a while to use since your not here to indulge with me!

Gina said...

I was reading through the prices thinking, "I was pretty close on that one... yep that one, too...that one- hey I wonder if I won..."
And then I scrolled to the bottom and almost choked on the bite of burrito in my mouth because it WAS me!
So, I pretty much trippled the price I pay here to get your prices.

And I'll take the Target card, thankyouverymuch!

Katidids said...

Wow, Guess I wont fuss about prices here! I can't imagine trying to budget that in. No wonder you have bush luggage! Its survival! I'm stunned!