Saturday, June 27, 2009

So this is Shay and i'm going to blog for i just have to say one thing she does not have a crazy life there is really nothing that goes on here.....the craziest thing is a dog birthday party..hmmmm don't really get that!! But that's as crazy as it gets in her life....or the softball games but those aren't really crazy they are fun.....all we have done since i got here is sit on facebook, watch tv, go on walks.......what a crazy life ya <3 shay


Kris said...

Shay, tt's life used to be CRAZY. Going here and there and never having enough time or energy. Never enough.
God knows our deepest desperate need, and to give tt and her family what they needed the most, He took them away from so much that they did not need.
I hope that you get to see how He works in thier lives while you are there. And that you ask Him to give you what ever it is that you need. I Love You.

Anonymous said...

You're very insightful Kris! Well worded.
Love Angie

bringing up boys said...

Wise woman! Happy first day at work shay! Have fun, don't squeeze the charmin!

Katidids said...

I think what a teen would consider "crazy" and we would consider "crazy are verrrrry different!
OK, where do you live? What are you doing? LOL!