Thursday, July 31, 2008

I am experiencing a bit of bloggers block.......

Gasp! Who knew that the day would ever come when I am at a loss for words?
I have heard that the cure for blogger block is to just keep typing, so here I go:

It is 2:45 on a sunny Thursday afternoon and I just put both boys (yep, I said BOTH) down for a nap because they would not stop bickering. Now, if only I could remember where I hid the candybar I bought last week............

I just looked in on them and they are both asleep. Hallelujah! I'll let them sleep for an hour and then take them to the pool.

Soccer practice starts next week for Ben. I wonder if we can cram his feet into last years cleats? Nah, probably not, I guess I'm going to have to go buy new ones?

Cooper's soccer starts in a couple weeks. I hope I have cleats in the storage box that will fit him, since he just grew out of the smallest pair I had.

Ben wants to play football so bad, but I am very against kids his age playing tackle football. I do not think that it is good for their brain development or their growing bodies to be slammed around like that at such a young age. I can just picture his brain sloshing around in his skull with every tackle. There will come a day for that.

Where is that candy bar?

I wonder how many days that big pile of laundry can sit on the couch unfolded before we cycle through it again.

Ohhh, one of my favorite songs is on the radio right now.

Ahhh, Only Grace, isn't that so true.

I need to offer grace more often.

Clark County Fair starts tomorrow.

Dave and I have always referred to it as the "Clark County White Trash Festival" but for some reason we go EVERY year. What does that make us?

Dave will be home in a hour.

It will take me an hour to fold that huge pile of laundry.

I need to find a recipe for a marinade or rub for the brisket that is thawed in my fridge.

Where did I put that dang candy bar?

Why in the world did my eight year old think it was okay to say 'fricken' today? I have never said that.

I hope the pool is warm today.

Maybe Dave will get in the pool with the boys while I work out, then I'll be all hot and sweaty and the pool will feel great no matter what the temperature is.

Yay, Dave and I both have tomorrow off together.

We're going to the white tras.....I mean the fair.

I don't think that the new shoes I bought the boys yesterday are really sturdy enough to hold up to the playground.

I think I'll return them and look for different ones.

Why DID I try to shop with the boys yesterday?

Ben is a complete faker. He is in his room stretching and moaning, trying to pretend that he is waking up, which leads me to believe that he never was asleep in the first place.

I should do a blog giveaway for my blogiversary in August.

I wonder what I should giveaway? I am so not crafty. Maybe I'll give away a box of Otter Pops and a Sonic gift card.

I wonder if Dave found my candy bar and ate it?

How in the world is Lula going to get that book to me by tomorrow?

You know that I am going to read it this weekend and then will have to go buy the second one to take with me to the beach.

I hope it's not to crowded in Seaside next weekend.

Must go fold that laundry, three days on the couch is too long.



Julie said...

clark county white trash festival! ....haaaa, just made my day! i love your bloggers block! oh, i just saw pioneer woman's brisket recipe on her blog...under 'cowboy food' section.
Oh, i wish we lived closer to your gym. How great would a pool be? The 'shoug' is way too far out in tim-buk-tu.

have a great day,

meleea said...

love this should do a sonic gift card - i have never been there and would want to win that! i want to go to the pool - sounds fun!! and what kind of candy bar was it?

Debbie said...

Trish Trish Trish...This is why I love you and get so excited when I see a new post from you. Brilliant my friend...just brilliant.

Didja find that candy bar?

Tawnya P. said...

There's never a good candy bar around when you need it. Of course if there were, you'd end up having to share it with EVERYONE! Oh and I vote for a Sonic gift card too, although you may have to include a gas card! Oh wait, is the Vancouver location open yet? Obviously I'm not a die hard Sonic fan or I would know that answer. But hey, maybe once I try it I will be!

Gramma 2 Many said...

Was it a Snickers? I may have eaten it the last time I was down....sorry.

wehave9 said...

Reminds me of my recent posts! Funny that you can carry the computer around with you, typing as you think! LOL Hope you have a great day!

Rick said...

Wow - you broke that blogger block dam. Just typing worked!

Lula! said...

Forget the candy bar.

TWILIGHT, baby...TWILIGHT. Today. Because I have superpowers when it comes to Twilight.

I love your Blogger's Block--it made for a fantastic post!

Lula! said...

Forget the candy bar.

TWILIGHT, baby...TWILIGHT. Today. Because I have superpowers when it comes to Twilight.

I love your Blogger's Block--it made for a fantastic post!

Lula! said...

So nice Blogger had to publish twice. Yep-yep.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I love this post! Did you ever find your candy bar???

Kat said...

I LOVE this post. I am in a constant state of bloggy block. Constant. Might have to do Trish day to resovle it. Cause all that would be going on in my mind...and nothing would be accomplished.

PW's brisket recipe is the BEST!

Might have to go and get another brisket this weekend.

And otter Pops and a sonic card sound like a fabulous give away!

Meagan said...

I wish my blogger's block was so entertaining! Great post!

If you come visit me when I am in Washington I will buy you a candy bar! :)

Lee Ann said...

That was a fabulous blogger block! Let us know what became of the candy bar!

Jennifer P. said...

So glad you found your candybar! You must have hid it in there to keep it safe from the Twilight vampires :)!

Off to read to the bottom of your page now :)!