Thursday, July 17, 2008

Guess what's in my kids' pockets.......

Welcome to my new weekly blog feature.

Yes, it's true each week I am going to invite you to
"guess what my boys left in their pockets when they put their clothes in the laundry".
It's kind of like the Price is Right, only a little different .
Okay alot different.

Some days I forget to check their pockets before tossing their stuff in the wash. Recently I have washed and dried a rubber snake, a tiny Motorola walkie talkie, lots of pennies, a colored pencil, a golf ball, playground chips, and more otter pop wrappers than I can possibly count.

Tonight I remembered to check the pockets. Their contents: a gold pirates doubloon, a $1 poker chip from the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino, a Wendy's straw wrapper, a Wendy's kids meal toy wrapper, a Wendy's kid's meal fry box, one otter pop wrapper (why only one? I'm not sure seeings as how they seem to be consuming roughly 200 a day) and these:

So go ahead, guess what those are.

Here's a hint: When I asked Cooper why these were in his pockets (yes both pockets looked like this!) he replied:

"Tuz I want dem for my pantates tomowow mom"

The first person to guess correctly gets a Wendy's straw wrapper, fry box and kid's meal toy wrapper!


Dee said...

Bluberies and raspberries--So is this what I get to look forward to with Hunter boy!

Kat said...

I don't want to win. :-)

And what are otter pops?!

Gina said...

Those would be berries. Probably blueberries.
I washed AND DRYED half a package of starbursts this week. What a mess. The pants must have been lost under the bed for the last couple of wash cycles, because they were from the Mariner's game about 3 weeks ago.

Gramma 2 Many said...

I'm with Kat, I have cleaned out enough pockets in my lifetime, but I would think they look like Blueberries.

Elena said...

I'm going to guess fruit snacks. Whatever it is, it looks like a glorious mess to clean up.

The Aldridge's said...

Yeah, what is an otter pop???

Eryn said...

I'm guessing berries from the bush in your yard. :)

Emily said...

I am shocked that people don't know what otter pops are! I grew up on those!

I say blueberries. Boys are hilarious! Hope you have some SHOUT! or Spray n' Wash!

Debbie said...

Blueberries??? And yeah, what the heck are otter pops?

And this post as FUN-NEE!

Kat said...

I'm baaaaack! And it's not just me. What the heck are otter pops?!