Monday, June 2, 2008


Yes it's true!!

The photo that I entered at 5 Minutes for Moms has been picked as a finalist!

The grand prize is a Wii video game system, and I am pretty sure that I can think of an eight year old and four year old boy who would LOVE a Wii!
Their parents would probably enjoy it also.

So please, oh please help us win that Wii.

Go here to vote.

This is my entry picture:

It is under "it's my crazy life".

And if you love me at all you would also post a link on your blog in order to help me win that Wii.

So please, please, please go vote (yes, that's me begging!)

Remember, it's for the children!


Gina said...

I wasn't in bed- exactly. I was laying with Jonah while he slept and I read a children's book. I went to vote for you... there were SO many cute entries....

Heather said...

I voted!!!

meleea said...

i voted for you today! i soooo hope you win - your family will love the Wii.

lee ann said...

Those are some really cute entries....but I voted for you!!!....and posted it on my blog as well.

Jennifer P. said...

I'm off to vote the correct way now! And I didn't ever get a comment from you. I certainly wouldn't remove it!!!

Why are we both up so late :)?!

Marie Reed said...

I love going through Shannon's designs:) I voted for you! Does he have a name for his dolly? The picture is delightful!

Julie said...

oh my gosh, its so close. i voted!

Tamara said...

Thank LeeAnn - with her post you just got yoruself one more vote and that Wii is looking like it is going to your kiddos - woohoo!!!