Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I cleaned my car in the dark tonight

Out of necessity.
Cooper threw up big time.
It was the first time that I can remember either of my kids throwing up in the car. Usually they save it for the middle of the night, just as they are standing over my side of the bed telling me that they don't feel good.
I've been kind of spoiled. I have very bad gag reflexes so Dave usually cleans up the vomit. No such luck tonight, he is working a late shift and won't be home until after midnight. My friend Lisa said I should leave it for him (as I was gagging and crying on the phone to her while trying to clean it up). I thought about it for a bit, but then decided that by the time he got home it would be dry and crusty and extra stinky in my car. So I drug out the 409, the Folex Stain Remover, the Febreze, a roll of paper towels, the shop vac and the hose and I cleaned up the whole mess by myself. Out came the car seat and the floormats. I used the hose on both of those along with the clothes that I stripped Coop out of outside before sending him in to the shower.
Then the shop vac for everything else, so Dave if you are reading this..............
ummmm, the shop vac is going to need to be emptied and cleaned out tomorrow. Yeah, thanks!
The worst part of it all is that Coop isn't even sick. He just gagged on his own spit and ended up coughing so hard that up came the contents of his stomach. Which by the way was FULL of movie theatre popcorn and Panda Express Orange Chicken. That about ruins it for me on both of those foods.
Speaking of movie theatre popcorn and Panda Express Orange chicken. (both of which I used to like!) We saw Kung Fu Panda today. It was the last day of school and we celebrated with a movie. It was very cute. Well, what I remember of it anyways. I did fall asleep for about 20 minutes.
Speaking of the last day of school. (see how this is all related? me neither.) Guess what the new elementary school trend is? Well, besides this. It's digital scrapbooks. Instead of the big bulky, plastic comb bound, labor intensive scrapbook of the whole year, Ben came home with a sweet little DVD with a 20 minute digital scrapbook of pictures from the whole year all set to fabulous little tunes like Somewhere Over the Rainbow by IZ and Kids of the Future by Jonas Brothers . How great is that? I just may be able to get his entire school career into one Rubbermaid box afterall. Actually it makes me almost want to volunteer for room mom just to be sure that it happens again next year.
I said almost.
Alright, enough random blather.
Tonight I leave you with the great philosophical words of Master Shifu:
"Don't stand that close. I can smell your breath."
Thursday morning edit..........
So I didn't do such a great job cleaning my car in the dark last night. I neglected to notice that he had managed to projectile all over the back of the drivers seat.
Good thing I left the windows open all night.


Gina said...

Make. Me. Laugh!
Ok, picture this:
Baby Jonah has REALLY bad diarhea. I strip him down on the kitchen floor, and make crazy with the wipies. While I am sitting there gagging and cleaning poop, young Caleb comes and leans on my back. He says, "Mommy... don'... feel...real...good...." And proceeds to throw up on my head!
I started to cry and anyone who happened to be driving by saw three flesh colored flashes zoom past all the windows as we headed for a communal shower!
I feel a post coming on....

Karen said...

SOOOO Sorry to Gina!!!!
Hope this wasn't recent, or I'm NOT coming to your party!!!!

I love the randomness of your post- after all this is how my brain works all day long!!!
I hate cleaning out my car anyway- add nastyness to it and I have to bribe myself through it with chocolate!

meleea said...

oh, i hate cleaning up vomit! sounds like a fun time at the movies though - i love celebrating the last day of school. we had a room mom do a digital scrapbook for emma one year - i loved it too! good job on the cleaning, but you better not get too good at it or dave will let you do it every time!

Meagan said...

My sympathies...yuck! Hope you have recovered from the trauma!

There was a mom from Micah's school for K & 1st who put together digital scrapbooks for all the kids in the class, personalized for each child. They were wonderful! She printed them out and put them in a book for them. The one for 1st grade she actually had bound in hardcover...what a treasure!

Julie said...

oh, thats awful!! I've been there...connor gets carsick very EASILY. The first commenters story though makes me want to cry myself! And...if i have the pressure of putting together digital scrapbooks for all the kids in class, i don't want to ever be a room mom. I didn't know they did stuff like that! cool though.

Tawnya P. said...

Ooohh, I feel your pain. I haven't had to clean it out of my car yet (I'm probably jinxing myself!) though my mom sure did when I was a kid. I'm sure that when the day comes for me to have to do it, I'll probably think of you and your ordeal!

Oh, and yeah for summer!!!

Emily said...

Ew gross. It's amazing the things that I can do when the husband is not around, like clean up throw-up. Such a glamorous job, isn't it. Sorry it was projectile too-- that's throwing a little salt in the wound. ;)

Mara said...

I'm sorry Trish that I am not a better friend...I was praying for you the whole way home. I'm so sorry you had to do that. We have been blessed with very few incidents like that, so I guess we are over due for a big mess...yippee!

Debbie said...

Oh Trish where do I start. I literally have tears rolling down my face from laughing and I'm having to do it quietly because my kids are still asleep. I, too have a strong gag reflex, and I started to gag reading about you gagging! And, sadly, I won't be able to eat Panda Express.Ever.Again. We saw the Kung Fu Panda movie as well and I saw alot of it through my eyelids...oh about 20 minutes of it as kids started talking about these really funny parts and I had no idea what it was. Apparently I might not have realized I was asleep for 20 minutes. This was a GREAT post. I am still laughing as I type this.

American in Norway said...

Oh I so feel your pain! Our entire family has a problem with gagging... as soon as the 1st child throws up it sets off a chain reaction...kiddo # 2, daddy & then Me!

Heather said...

Awwww...poor guy!! And poor momma! I've had to do that only once. No. Fun.