Sunday, January 27, 2008

Parenting Advice Wanted....

There you go. I have opened up the door for you all to tell me how I should be parenting and what I'm doing wrong.

Please don't.

I'm not sure I could handle knowing that I am probably completely messing these two boys up.

What I am looking for is advice/input on how other families handle the "allowance" issue. Do you give it? Don't you give it? Is it tied to chores? Or just given for being a member of the family? How do you track the chores done?

I have had a system in place for about a year, but I do wonder if there is a better way. So please feel free to share what works for your family or what does not work.


annette said...

hey trish, we follow dave ramsey's "commissions" for kids. if you don't work, you don't get paid. and we have chores that are expected for just being in the family, that aren't tied to commissions. that said, i don't know how it's going. but if our kids want to buy something, they do w/out it or find a way of earning the money for it (yeah, my back yard gets "scooped"!) - there's my .02 worth. what system have you been doing? realize, too... my kids are/were older when we started... and w/ young kids, immediate gratification is necessary! (pay immediately after work is done - that's Ramsey's advice too)

meleea said...

we do similar to annette. We have expected work that no pay is given for. Then we have a list of jobs you can do and how much you can get paid if you do them. if you want money, you have to do the work. Need $5, you can wash a car or mow the grass, etc. It seems to make them value money more than just a weekly money hand out. we haven't done ramsey yet, we just do it how my parents did when i was growing up.

Kris said...

Give'em what they want when they want it!

Jennifer P. said...

We're very similar to Meleea--we give allowances as a way to teach kids money management, then expect them to work because they're part of our family and make the mess. We have them immediatley put 10% of their money in savings, and 10% to tithe to our church--and the rest is theirs to blow on junk and candy :). We do pay them for extra, big jobs--usually watching one another in a fun and responsible way while I take care of a big project. (and thanks for asking for parenting advice--I love to throw my opinions about without abandon :)!)

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