Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My New Favorite Reads

It is fairly reasonable to say that I am addicted to these sites:

The Pioneer Woman and The Pioneer Woman Cooks

Now go check them out, and then decide that there are much worse things in the world that I could be addicted to!

Oh yeah, I made this last night for dinner! It was soooooo deliciously, fabulous. Probably more delicious and fabulous because both of my kids had dinner at a birthday party last night, and so I made it for just Dave and I after the boys were in bed, and we dined in the living room while watching American Idol. Now what could be more fabulousious than that? (other than having yummy leftovers to serve for dinner tonight!)

One more thing, if you have a few hours start by reading this. (yes I said hours, I started at 11pm and finished just before 2am. Dumb I know. You may want to start earlier or split it up into smaller sessions) You will laugh and you will cry. Well, I laughed and cried, maybe you won't.



Jennifer P. said...

Love the Pioneer Woman! We actually use some of her stuff for our homeschool lessons. Did you know she has a calendar you can buy?

Julie said...

yummy! I want to make that SOON!

The Aldridge's said...

It looks delicious! Yum!


Gina said...

Ok, So I put dinner in my freezer for a month, but that looked swo yummy that I had to try it. The kids were only lukewarm about it but that's ok. There's more for me!