Wednesday, January 16, 2008

"I'm gonna win this battle"

Those were the exact words that were muttered out of my four year old's mouth as I put him to bed for the FOURTH time last night!
(We started at 8pm, those words escaped his lips at 10pm)
He didn't say it loud, just under his breath, but loud enough for me to hear.
I'm not sure where he has ever heard those words.
(hehehe, okay those are MY words!)
I was shocked!
Not by the statement itself, but rather by the fact that he has learned to mutter under his breath.
I mean this is my sweet, darling, loving, BABY.
The one that I still had HOPE for.
And he muttered under his breath at me!
By the way, I WON. He fell asleep, in his OWN bed.


Gina said...

Yeah, I just love it when my three year old stomps his foot, clenches his fists and teeth and tells me to "Knock! It! Off! Now!" or says, "AAAARGH!" as he smacks something particularly frustating onto the table....

Kelli said...

Wow, make a conscience choice each day to win when those things happen...nothing will teach him to trust you more than your ability to follow through with what you've said...good job mom!

Eryn said...

Ok, i am laughing at your expense. That is hilarious! Poor Mommy.

Julie said...

now, i thought I had the most stubborn boy on the face of this earth! Sounds like they are running neck and neck! So funny!

Shannon said... are in deep trouble with that one! Hang in there and WIN WIN WIN!