Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Soccer, soccer and more soccer.......

I love the game. It's a good thing too, because the next four days are consumed by soccer.........

Ben has practice and a team "taco feed" tonight. I have an indoor game tonight also. Tomorrow is Coopers first day of "Little Kickers" at the indoor soccer arena, and Ben has practice again. Friday evening and Saturday morning brings games #2 and #3 for Ben's team, the Fighting Hornets.

Last Saturday the Fighting Hornets had their first game. They won 18-2, and Ben scored two goals! It is very fun seeing the improvement in his game, he is really starting to show some ball handling skills. Most of the boys on his team have been playing together since they were five and this year it all seems to have clicked. There was a lot of ball passing and good communication, and not so much of the massive ball bunching that usually goes on in micro soccer. This is the year that the team gets to add a goalie to the field also. I think all the boys were excited to try that position out!

Here are some pics from last weeks game:


Good hustle Ben!

Stay tuned for an update and pictures of Cooper and his Little Kickers team! And maybe I'll hand the camera over to Ben tonight to take some pictures at my game...........

PS: Shhh.....Don't tell Dave, but I am secretly on a mission to turn my boys into soccer players......I just think it is more of a "sport" than baseball =)

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