Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Blogging is good for my soul

I have decided that blogging makes me a happier mom. Maybe I should have started this or at least some form of journaling years ago. This is a great way for me to look at my days and my life and realize just how blessed I really am. Blogging has helped me focus on the good things in my life that I want to share with others. Not to say that I don't have struggles daily. It just seems that the good is brought into focus when I am thinking about what to write about.

Just yesterday Benjamin and I were on our way to soccer practice. It was just he and I in the car, and he said "mom, I've had a happy life." I said, "you know what buddy, so have I." He then responded, "let's play the happy game. You name one thing that has been happy in your life and then I'll name one in my life." Whoa........that just came from my seven year old? We've never played the "happy game" before, so for the next four minutes that is what we did. I was happy to have God in my life. Benjamin was happy to have Jesus in his heart. I was happy that I have a wonderful husband who is working hard to make our lives a little easier by finishing his degree. Benjamin was happy that he has a mom and dad who loves him and only spanks him when he is disobedient (yes, both my children know and use the words disobedient and obedient often). I was happy that I have two fun and mostly obedient children. Benjamin was happy that he has a cute, but sometimes annoying little brother. I was happy that I get to play soccer on Wednesdays. He was happy that he gets to play soccer with Jonahs and Trenton. I was happy that I have lots of brothers or sisters. He was happy that I took him and Cooper to Booster Juice for a smoothy that afternoon.
You get the idea.
It was a short drive to soccer practice, but quite possibly one of the most memorable moments I have ever had with my big boy!


Shannon said...

what a sweet memory. Those times are the best

Eryn Kesler said...

He's just a little Pollyanna isn't he? How sweet! I agree, blogging has helped me jot down the sweeter moments and "ponder them in my heart" to sound all spiritual and stuff! Thanks for your comment about my knitting, I occasionally enjoy it, I taught myself from a book called "stitch n bitch"...I stick to small, quickly completed projects to feel like I can actually make something. This hat was actually the hardest thing I've ever made...because of the ribbing around the band. I think I've maybe filled my knitting craving for the year :0).