Wednesday, November 26, 2008


My sweet baby Cooper turns five today. I can hardly believe it. Just a few days ago I pulled him into my lap and asked him to stop growing older. To not turn five. To just be four forever. He would have nothing to do with that, probably because turning five means he gets to take four friends to play at Jungle Playland and to have lunch at his favorite little golden arched bistro.

Dear Cooper,
I can truly hardly believe that this day has come. Five is so big. What a sweet blessing you are to our family. You are such a cuddle bug. Hugs, kisses and snuggling are your thing, and as long as there is peace, love and snuggles, you feel safe. There is nothing that makes this mom so happy as when you want to snuggle with me on the couch and have 'face'.

This year has been a year of big boy adventures for you. You learned to ride a two wheeler like a pro,you climbed a humongous tree with your BFF Kaleb without us moms knowing (until Kaleb fell out of the tree), you went solo into the big pool while mom sat on the edge, you came down the water slide without anyone there to catch you, you rode your bike to the park down the road with your big brother, you started preschool and played on a soccer team.

I cherish the 30 minutes that we have in the car three days a week after dropping Dutter off at school but before your school starts. I love that you want me to drive straight to your school and every time you tell me to slow down so that I don't miss the driveway. You then climb into the front seat with me and we sing at the top of our lungs to the High School Musical Soundtrack. You sing all the boy parts and tell me I can only sing the girl parts. It makes me laugh every time! Some mornings we just sit there in the preschool parking lot and chat. You have become quite the conversationalist and I love it when you throw a big boy word or two into the conversation.

The very best part of this year Cooper, was the day that I listened from the drivers seat as your brother prayed with you to ask Jesus into your heart! Hearing that made it nearly impossible to drive because I could not see through the tears and just tonight you made me cry again when your bed time prayer included the words "I hope I be a bwessing to my fwiends tomowwow".

It makes mommy sad to see that you are hardly my baby anymore, but it also makes me so happy to see you growing up to be such a sweet little boy.

Cooper, you are a blessing everyday.

Love you more than you know,


Gina said...

So that's where the business about Jonah not growing anymore came from.

Lee Ann said...

AAAhhh! More tears at 5:18 a.m. You girls are choking me up today! So much you have to be Thankful for in that little gem of a boy!

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

UM - SCUSE ME!! TISSUE WARNING would have been good... I was just going along all cute little boy birthday stuff and then you smack me between the eyes with the asking Jesus... and the bwessing.

Yeah... I'm having mascara issues.

Amy said...

It may have made it nearly impossible for you to drive, but it also made it nearly impossible for me to read through the tears! What a sweet 5 year old you have and what a great mommy he has.

Elena said... baby boy turns 5 in March. It about tears my heart out. There is just something about little boys and their mommies. Happy birthday to Big Kid Cooper!

Eryn said...

OK, I'm crying now.

We love Cooper, Happy Birthday big guy!! Eryn

Dee said...

Happy Birthday Cooper! You are a true joy and delight. We will miss you not being in our Sunday School Class! You make every thing F*U*N!

The Pace Posse said...

That was beautiful Trish! Happy Birthday Coop!

Sarah Thulin said...

Ya know, I know this pretty cute, blonde 4 1/2 year old (with some rockin' organizational skills) who will be on the dating market in about 15 more years. :) Seriously, that post just made me smile (and tear up just a bit!) - what a keeper you have! Happy birthday, Cooper! :)

Gramma 2 Many said...

Happy Birthday, Coop. Do not listen to what Sarah Thulin has to say either. You will not be ready in 15 years for a GF. I do not care how cute she may be. Hear your Gramma!!!!!!!

Gina said...

Mom, all of us could use a cute blonde with uber-organization skills!

Meredith said...

Happy Happy Birthday Cooper!!

Debbie said...

Happy Birthday Cooper! You sound like a great kid, but of course you would be because you have a fabulous Mom!