Saturday, November 22, 2008

Another Weekend Winner Giveaway

Don't forget Kat at Sunshine & Lemonade is doing her Weekend Giveaways! I REALLY want to win this one because I WANT a favicon.
Not a bad favicon.
Just a favicon that I want badly.

So click on over, enter yourself and if you win feel free to donate the prize to me.

And don't forget that I'm taking questions here.
I'm gonna start answering them on Monday.
I know ya'all can hardly wait, huh.
And yes, I will post my "review" of The Shack. That won't happen until later in the week though because it's going to be all scholarly, so it will take me a while to come up with some big words to include in the post. Give me time folks.
Until then, please go add your questions for me here. Remember I'll answer anything.

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