Monday, November 24, 2008

Answers to some of the deep and meaningful questions ya'all asked me

Alright, it's the moment you've all been waiting for. Right? You've all been waiting on pins and needles for this moment in time when I answer all your burning questions about my life.

Here we go:
Elena asks: How did you meet LeeAnn?

Well, Elena, LeeAnn and I met at church. Or more likely in a small group Bible Study. We had a mutual friend that invited me to join their group that LeeAnn was already a part of. That group disbanded, but we still go to the same church and see each other there. We don't get to hang out together, mostly because we live across town from each other and our paths don't cross much, but she is one of those people that I am always happy to see and I feel completely at ease talking to when we do get a chance to talk. But look, I do have this picture of LeeAnn, our friend Lisa and I from five years ago. (Sorry LeeAnn, I'm not sure why my scanner scanned you in so gray!) So Elena, how do YOU know LeeAnn?

Gina says: Tell me about how we met.....

Well, Gina, you always have been a smart aleck, but I'll explain it for the rest. It goes like this. Our parents brought you home from the hospital around my 28th month of life. I'm pretty sure I asked them to take you back, but they insisted on keeping you and probably tried to convince me that you were 'my' baby. I wasn't buyin it. So in short, I've known you all your life. I knew you when you chewed your toenails. I knew you when you still sucked your thumb at 13. I knew you when you drank beer with your friends behind the garage at 14. I knew you when you drove white Geo Metro with a license plate frame that said "a princess doesn't do dishes". Baby, I have known you all your live long years and I can honestly say that I am glad they didn't give you back.

Hot Tub Lizzy asks:

What television show from your childhood do you have the fondest memories about?

Without a doubt it would be The Cosby Show. We didn't have tv for a lot of my childhood, but when we finally did get one I remember my family gathering every Thursday night to watch Heathcliff and Claire Huxtable raise their family. I love to watch the reruns with my kids now!

What's your favorite breakfast food?

Cereal. I would eat cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I didn't have mine or my families nutritional needs to worry about. And not healthy cereal either. Sugar cereal. Frosted Flakes, Fruit Loops, Sugar Puffs, just not chocolate cereal; it's gross.

What would your dream job be? What's a job you would NEVER want to do?

Right now I think my dream job would be as an Labor & Delivery nurse. There is TWO fundamental problems with that dream though. First of all I could NEVER pass an Anatomy & Physiology class in college, so I quit taking them and secondly, I don't do blood or body fluids. Seriously, I have been known to pass out at the sight of blood and my gag reflexes are awful. So what good would I be. However, I LOVE the miracle of life.

I guess my job that I would NEVER want to do would be a Phlebotomist. You know, a person who draws another persons blood for lab work. Yah, probably not my gig. I also would NEVER want to do anything related to sewage or septic. Blech.

Someone is giving you a $100 gift certificate for Christmas. What store would you want it to be from?

Ooooh, yay! $100 just for me? Well, the completely impractical part of me wants it from Title Nine. Specifically to help pay for this:However, the practical side of me would say Target. I do love my Red BullsEye.

Alright, that's all I'm giving you for now. Thank you all who have played along so nicely. This is fun! I promise to get to the rest of your questions very soon.

Still want to play along? Well, feel free to leave your burning questions in the comments.


Hot Tub Lizzy said...

OOoo -I love your answers!! And your sister is SUCH a smart alec... seriously.

Oh the Cosby show... that was some GOOD tv.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

That vest is awesome! I think I like your style...Eddie Bauer, Columbia, Dansko, and Title 9. All my favorite things too!

Hope you have a happy Thanksgiving!

meleea said...

cosby is my favorite! i watch the reruns now to get ideas for creative parenting.

i still need to know your view of the "shack". do you love it or hate it?

Gina said...

Um, did you hafta tell them all of THAT?
Remember that my next licence plate frame said, "If you can read this, roll me over!"

Dee said...

You are so hilarious! Love your verbal skills!

Is that Cooper? So cute!

Elena said...

Gina crackes me up. NAd that vest is WAY cute. I know Lee Ann from college. She actually filled my spot in the apartment when I got married. And maybe Lee Ann is some type of vampire. She's looking mighty pale and greyish in that photo. :)

Lee Ann said...

Ya, that is funny that I got scanned in BandW and you two are color. I remember that day!

Love the vest.

Thanks for the nice words about me. :-)

annaliese said...

have you tried Chocolate Chex? I heart Chocolate Chex. except they need to get rid of the regular Chex that they mix in with it. what a waste of box space.

Kat said...

I never eat cereal. I can't even get my kids to eat it. Would make the mornings so much smoother if they would eat cereal.

And The Cosby Show. I love it. I need to get my kids to stop watching Full House and into Cosby instead...

Gramma 2 Many said...

And Tricia I knew you when you were................hmmm I really can't think of anything you did. Did you not do them or do I just not know?

Gina said...

Yeah, Mom, we know you love her the most.

Gramma 2 Many said...

Get over it.

Debbie said...

Love the vest! And that stuff about Gina is just priceless...I am so headed over there now!