Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I might need therapy for my failings

By now you've all met her, right?

She's my mother.

She sews. Great things.

She knits. Beautifully.

Oh, and she cooks. Impressively.

I'm sure she learned all that out of necessity.
She was one of 12 children and grew up very poor.
So if she wanted it, she learned to make it.

Apparently I didn't have the need to learn all those things.

Oh, I tried to learn to sew.
I made a windsock in 6th grade Home Ec.
It was hideous.
She proudly displayed it out for all to see.

I wanted to learn to knit a few years back.
She tried to teach me.
I am right handed, she is left.
Yeah, that didn't work.

But alas.
I AM a good cook.
I can follow a recipe very well.
I have rarely ruined anything.
I often take liberties and experiment with recipes to make them my own.

However, there is one thing that after all these years has elluded me.

It's the pie crust.

I've tried.
Many times.
I can make the dough.
I follow the recipe.
I just cannot get that dough rolled out.
It sticks.
It cracks.
It breaks.
It gets tough.
It doesn't ever fit my pan.

I have never successfully fitted a pie pan with my own homemade pie crust.
I've tried and failed.
Then I go to the store and buy my old favorite.
They're pretty.
And yummy.
And expensive.

So, mother, please come.
Teach me to make pie crust.

You gas money could save me from a lifelong, expensive relationship with the dough boy.


Dee said...

I took a private lesson from the SV baking queen...LeeAnn...she's amazing. So if your mom can't come anytime soon, give her a call. I'm in so much trouble for saying this!

Kat said...

I was going to say that is why Pillsbury was invented. :-)

I have never made a pie crust. I dont' think I've ever made a pie either...

Have your mom teach you. And then you can teach the rest of us.

Elena said...

Yep, those tricky pie crusts. I have trouble with them too. Seems like one out of every 3 turn out right. Let us know when you've learned the secret.

Valerie said...

I am very fortunate to be married to a man who can bake a pie and the pie crust. I don't really like pies so I don't have a huge desire to bake that particular food -- the closest I get is a pot pie -- but my husband loves a good pie and can make a great pie. Yeah! I do the rest. good luck

Valerie said...
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Lee Ann said...

Dee - you're not in trouble! That was a compliment! I would love to show you what I know Trish!

Lula! said...

The secret is really cold butter and not over-mixing.

I say this like I make mine homemade all the time. Maybe once a year. The rest of the time I break out the Pilsbury.

Homemade does taste better, though.

JourneytoFamily said...

And what's wrong with the store bought crusts??? :)

My mother is left handed and I'm right handed as well. But she didn't even attempt to teach me to do anything. I think I need therapy too.

Emily said...

I use to --- USE TO hate pie crusts, but I found a good recipe if you want it!?

Tamara said...

Roll your dough between two layers of saran wrap - that's how I do it - then just remove one layer and toss the dough into the pie pan... you can do it!!!

Gramma 2 Many said...

That was so unfair!!! I told dad you want me to come down. He just looked at me and told me I can't do everything. IF I do, I will have to go home on Saturday or early Sunday morning. A friend from Burn Road died this week. His funeral is Sunday. Do not know if you met him or not. His name was Bernie and he was married to Bev. They are older than dad and I.

Gramma 2 Many said...

Sorry, I know you are not whining. I really appreciate all of the compliments, truly I do.
By the way, my recipe is a little different from the one you used. That is why I posted it.

Gina said...

Hmm. *smirk* I just made some FABULOUS apple pie, complete with home made dough....

Debbie said...

Do ya think you can get your sister to video tape the tutorial/cooking lesson with your Mom so that we can all learn together??? Come on. It would be great!