Friday, September 19, 2008

Coming up for air

I'm okay. Tired, but okay.
I don't know what happened to the week, all I know is that it is over.
It's been a rough one.
I had a lot going on.
I was being pulled in a few different directions and I dropped a few balls.
Uggghhh. I hate it when that happens.
I had to make an admission to myself yesterday.
I can no longer manage my schedule and my families schedule without writing it all down.
In the past I have always kept our schedule in a very trusty place.

My head.

This week I missed an appointment because I forgot about it.
And I forgot to mail a very important bill payment.
That is so not like me. Usually.
By Thursday afternoon I was feeling overwhelmed and exhausted and somewhat in a panic because I thought for sure I was going to forget something else I needed to do.

Someone recommended I take a Valium.
Another someone recommended I buy a planner.
I skipped the Valium and bought this:

Ain't that a cutie?

I don't usually go for "cute" but it was cheaper than "not cute" and has some great features.

Now I just need to remember to use it.

Oh yeah, my sister Kris and I had a great time last weekend. We successfully did nothing productive and we had fun along the way. We ended up not picking each others toes. She did pick her own though. And she cut my hair (and Dave's and Coop's). I'm sure she had fun waxing my eyebrows, but I think she had more fun sending my family to church while we played hookie to go to Ikea and the Container Store. Nah, I'm sure waxing my eyebrows was the highlight of her weekend. Her train was late getting into Vancouver on Sunday, which means I got to keep her for a bonus 3 hours. Thanks Kris!


Eryn said...

I feel the long week pain. I came up for air tonight with my fam...we did nothing and it was great! i like your planner, it's so cute! The girl on the front kind of looks like you with her short cute brown hair!

JourneytoFamily said...

Picking each other's toes? TMI.

Glad you had a great time with your sister. Don't you just love Ikea and the Container Store?

Lauren W said...

Yay! Glad you had such fun with your sister :D
I hope that planner does help. I always hate feeling like I'm not organized.

Kat said...

I am always so worried that I am going to forget something. And I write it down on the calendar on my wall. And the google calendar (which is fabulous). But, that might require one to actually look at the calendar which doesn't always happen.

And look at you! No mask, snorkel or anything :-) I love that my playlist "helped" you along during the writing process.

Elena said...

Glad you're back and I totally don't recognize you without your snorkel gear! :) Very fun to put a face behind the mask. Glad you are back and sorry to hear you've made the dreaded change to a planner mom. I had to too. My MIL gives me one EVERY year for my b-day (in Jan.) and I sit on pins and needles until I get it. I keep it right by my phone on the counter and look at at every time I walk by. It's been a big help.

Meredith said...

Oh Trish, I think that most of us are past the point of having heads that actually can remember... I told Eryn this week that in order to keep me accountable she needs to make SURE that I write it down.

As far as the long week... here's an e((((((hug))))) and I'll make sure to give you a big squeeze when I see you.

Glad you had a good time with your sis. And doubly glad you didn't pick each others toes!

Love you!

Sarah Thulin said...

I feel your pain! My mind, which used to be of the "steel trap variety", these days seems to more closely resemble one of those swinging saloon doors! Hope the calendar helps out!

Glad to hear you had fun w/ your sister!

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Ugh... I hear you with need to write stuff down... I do that... on a calendar... and STILL forget stuff.

Julie said...

oh, we've all been there, trish. the problem is, I'm addicted to my planner and I'm a compulsive list maker...and I still forget. I showed up to my ultrasound 45 minutes early last week because I wrote the time down wrong and the sheet of paper they gave me had it written in bold writing the correct time. duh!

Lee Ann said...

Sorry you had a bad week. That planner is my favorite. Love the meal planning part....if only I'd use it. I don't have a planner right now and I will forget something any day now. Love the new hair and so glad you got to have girl time with Kris. I want a sister!

meleea said...

what a cute photo of you and your sis! glad you got a planner - hope this week is off to a good start. hang in there - seasons ebb and flow - your organization will return! at least that is what i am counting on for myself!

Debbie said...

Oh TRish, I have missed you...and even when things get rough for you, YOU.DON'T.MISS.A. BEAT. That was really another funny post that made me laugh out loud.