Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Home Stretch

Two years ago, on the advice of my mother and the urging of me, Dave went back to college. In his "youth" he had attended community college but left for the workforce after two years. So, in October of 2005 he enrolled in Concordia University's degree completion program. It is one of those 18 month, one night a week, some weekends, type of programs. Going into it we knew that Dave would need to pick up a few extra credits in order to meet the graduation requirements and that it would take him a little longer than the 18 months to finish. So began the journey of the last two years of our life. In January of this year Dave started to work on those extra credits that he needed. Around that time he decided that he would add a Marketing minor to his Business Administration degree, suddenly those "few" extra credits turned into 45!
Well, we are finally in the home stretch........Tuesday Dave begins his last semester of classes. He is taking 15 credits this semester, which by any college students standard is a full load. Add to that the fact that he works full time and has a wife and two kids. Can you say overload? The other night we sat down to figure out our schedules for the next three and a half months and realized that he has classes five days a week, two of those days he is in school 4.5 hours, and he has 3 weekend seminars. Dave's goal for the next 113 days is to get through and survive. My goal is to supoort Dave and do whatever I can to help him get done and teach Ben how to mow the lawn; something that I have had to do exactly 3 times in our 13 years of marriage, Dave has always done it. So if you happen by our house and the lawn has funny mohawk stripes or is waist high, just know that we are in the HOME STRETCH!


Shannon said...

welcome to blog world! It's fun! If you want me to make a header for you, just send me a pic, or pics you want on it, a color choice and I'll create one for you!

Shannon said...

Ok, I want to know how you got that countdown at the bottom of your page?

Shannon said...

I design them in Illustrator. size 8.5 x 5 then I save them as a png

~Kelli~ said...

wow, you guys have a rough 100 days ahead...almost done so hang in there!!!