Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Why do I do this to myself?

Here's how my day went:

6:30 wake up, see Dave for the first time since 7:30 Tuesday morning (he worked a swing shift as part of his new job training and did not get home until 1:15 am.) Get ready for work, Scoop ready for daycare, Skippy ready for school (all with Dave's help).

7:50 I leave to take Skippy to bus stop, Dave leaves for work and on his way drops Scoop at the fabulous Miss Jeannie's house (We really could not ask for a better day care provider!)

7:55 Sitting at the bus stop I decide to take Skippy to school (instead of waiting any longer for the bus), it's on my way to work and there is an playground aide on duty at 8 and he loves the extra 20 minutes of playtime in the morning.

8:00 arrive at school, sit in car for extra five minutes just chatting with Skippy (love that!)

8:05 give Skippy one more kiss, wave "I love you" in sign language as he walks did he get so big?

8:15 arrive at work, work 6 hours.

2:15 leave work

2:30 pick up Scoop from Miss Jeannie's, forgot to ask how many time outs he had today. Oh well.

2:50 pick up Skippy from school, give both boys 20 minutes to play on playground, while I stand around talking to my friends (yes, I'm one of those moms!)

3:10 leave school with two kids that suffer from LBSSA and in desperate need of a snack.

3:11 celebrate the fact that I was prepared and put apples, bananas, granola bars and juice pouches in the car before I left home this morning.

3:15 with children safely buckled in and munching on their snacks, leave school and head across town for Scoop'sspeech therapy appointment

3:16 give said children lecture about how we just cleaned the car and I would appreciate it if all their wrappers, peels and cores would be put in the garbage bag instead of on the floor or seat of the car

3:35 Stop to pay a bill that was due last week :-(

3:45 Arrive at Kaiser clinic for speech therapy - how in the world did I get here early?

3:46 realize that children did not hear a word I said in my well rehearsed garbage lecture 30 minutes ago.

3:50 Check in, send Skippy back out to the car to get his homework.

4:00 Scoop and the lovely Jessica get to work on training his tongue to make the K and G sounds, all while playing a rousing game of Kerplunk. I sit in the room trying to keep Skippy on task with his homework.

4:45 Send Skippy to car to get baseball uniform (yay, he remembered to pack all his gear and get it into the car this morning!) and to find a bathroom to change in.

5:00 Mad dash from Kaiser Clinic back over to other side of town to pick up cousin Ryan for baseball game. Drive thru Taco Bell for Dinner (Cheese quesadillas have some nutritional value, right?)

5:25 pick up Ryan

5:35 arrive at baseball field, send Ryan and Skippy running because they are a little late for warm-ups.

5:36 wrangle my chair, blanket and Scoop down to field to watch game. Lecture Scoop about leaving his shoes on and staying out of the sand pile where the cats poop and pee.

5:40 collapse into chair to watch 8 year olds daydream in left field, make dirt piles at second base, pick nose in right field and continuously adjust on their cup at 3rd base all in the name of baseball.

6:10 put Scoop's shoes back on him

6:13 tell Scoop to get out of gross sand pile

6:18 beam with joy as Scoop stands at the fence and yells "do Dutter, det a bid hit" (remember he's in speech therapy) while Skippy is up to bat

6:19 smile, clap and scream when Scoop gets a nice hit and makes it safely to first

6:20 put Scoop's shoes back on him

6:29 remind Skippy that he is to go home with Uncle Troy if dad doesn't get to the field before the game gets over

6:35 fold up chair and blanket, put Scoop's shoes back on him, vow to never let him wear anything but tennis shoes to the rest of the games and head to the car to go to swim lessons.

6:50 arrive at gym, grab bag with Scoop's swim stuff in it (yay I remembered to put that in the car this morning too!), head in to gross locker room to get him changed

6:53 tell Scoop for the third time to please take his shoes off so we can get his swim trunks on.

6:57 herd Scoop out to the pool (yay we're on time!)

7:01 wish I would have brought my book in with me.....too tired to make the trip back out to the car.

7:10 sit on the bleachers watching Scoop practice his "big arms" and try to add side breathing.

7:18 Celebrate the fact that Scoop will be a strong enough swimmer this summer for me to feel a bit more comfortable with him doing this

7:30 meet Scoop coming out of pool and herd him back into gross locker room for shower.

7:35 Call Dave to see if he has made it to Skippy's game. He did!

7:40 pull Scoop from shower and put pj's on him, gather up wet clothes and head home

7:50 pull into driveway, just as Dave and Skippy are getting home.

7:51 send Skippy to shower and I clean all the "stuff" out of the car that I remembered to take with me this morning

8:00 Yell at Skippy to get out of shower..........

8:05 tell Skippy that I am going to start a load of laundy and he better turn off the shower and get out or he will get scalded

8:15 Brush Scoop's teeth and send him to bed

8:17 Start load of laundry, tell Skippy to get pajamas on and teeth brushed

8:20 pray and snuggle with Scoop

8:25 chat and pray with Skippy

8:27 make mental note that we need to clean Skippy's fish tank sometime this year

8:30 look at basket of unfolded laundry sitting on couch

8:31 collapse...............


The Aldridge's said...

That's a full day!


Gina said...

Wow, I'm impressed that you managed to get all of that loaded into youyr car in the morning. Our day started like this: Hey! Get up! Get Dressed! The crossing guards are going IN! Here eat this! Bye!

Lee Ann said...

Oh Trish! Honestly, that is the stage of mothering I DREAD!!! And the thing is, it lasts the longest. From 4 year old swim lessons to high school functions. I do not like it when someone makes me be busy!

annette said...

i think i would have collapsed half way through your day!

Julie said...

whoa. i'm tired!! you must be superwoman. Seriously though, having this third kid...thats what stresses me out the most...thinking about running around all over the planet getting them from here to there, all at the same time!

go trish! that your everyday?

Trish said...

gina, we have bags her for everything.......and when gear or uniforms are washed they go back into the bag! Got a game or practice or swimming that day, just grab the right bag.......

LeeAnn, it's not always that bad, that was just a crazy day! I really enjoy the "school years" and hopefully within the next year or so I will not have to work outside my home and that will make it much easier!

Annette, c'mon, you've got THREE kids to get places!!

Julie,NO, not my everyday! We have to schedule Cooper's speech therapy appt.s so far out that we never know what else will be on that day.
I'm definitely not super woman....she would not have fed her kids Taco Bell and would have folded the laundry, which by the is still on the couch only it seems to have multiplied....

The Pace Posse said...

Wow - I'm exhausted and all I did was read that! :)

Debbie said...

I'm going to try this again. I read this last night and had problems with blogger and was unable to leave a comment.

I have to hand it to you Moms that work outside the home. I just don't know how you do it. I commend you for doing all that and having a cheerful heart. That was one busy day!

Lula! said...

You are officially Super Mom. Nothing more can be said. Wait...yes...get some REST this weekend.

Kris said...

Your a busy girl! This is what I have done for the last 4 days: Sleep,eat,sit,lay,sleep,read,eat,lay,sleep,sleep,sleep,eat,sit,lay. Fun Fun!!!

Gina said...

You know, I admire your discipline, but you were way more fun to read when you were glued top the computer every night. post post post.

Delores Gaudet said...

Wow, you are amazing! I'm exhausted from just reading about your full day. Welcome back to blogland. You are actually the one one who got me to start my own after resisting. I was so afraid that I would make it an idol. So I have a timer too. I love your writing style, you always make me laugh.