Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Baby Mama and an Egg Timer

During my blog break a few blog friends that I know in real life and I met at the local movie theater for an evening of brainless humor brought on by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler (of SNL fame) in Baby Mama. While this movie is certainly not destined to win an Acadamy Award, it was funny, at a time when I NEEDED funny.

From L-R we are: Me, Heather, Annette, Meleea and Erica

Now about that egg timer:

I was talking to my friend Val the other day about my struggles and how I wanted to get back to blogging, but did not want to allow it to become a "check out time" for me. It is so easy for me to get on here, get enveloped in typing or reading other blogs and lose all track of time or not care about the time. So we came up with a challenge for each other to get the old fashioned egg timer and put it right next to our computer to limit our time spent blogging. I happen to like this one:

I am thinking one thirty minute spot during the day and an hour at night after the boys are in bed seems like a justifiable amount of time.

How about the rest of you. How do you regulate your time spent blogging?


Gina said...

No, but I definitely should. I wouuld have to do my one hour durring the day and my 30 minutes at night, though. We argue about "grown up bedtime" around here.

Valerie said...

So Trish, I am having a hard time getting up when the timer goes off. I think those time frames are good. Now I just have to do it!

Lee Ann said...

I don't have set limits, but I'm spending WAY less time than I used to. It was definitely an escape for me, now I just do it a little to see what's going on with my "friends". I try to stick to just a specific few blogs, and not hop around too much. I also try, I said try, to not be on the computer when my kids are awake.

meleea said...

cute picture! that was a needed laughter break for me as well. i do set a limit for myself when i blog - maybe 10-15 minutes twice a day. it helps me not get sucked in for a longer time than i should. it definitely is an escape that i can sometimes justify...instead of watching a movie i am keeping up with people?!?! when i tell my hubby that he says "yeah, right"

annette said...

now, if i could just spray the keyboard w/ a little PAM and i'd slide right off when i ought to be done!(see how i tried to tie both baby mama and the timer thing together?) you know, if i just had 3 minutes uninterrupted eye contact i probably wouldn't need all this blogging time. j.k. i like those limits! i think that i should try those, but less at night... : )love you trish!

Debbie said...

I don't. I should. I tried yesterday. And I felt I missed the party. And now pre-school is ending next week. So my mornings aren't mine anymore to blog. What.Am.I.going.to.do?

Lula! said...

Truthfully? I allow myself 30 minutes every morning to "catch-up" on e-mails, reading blogs, etc. Then I walk away. 'Til my girls go to bed, and then I'm on here at least an hour. Who am I kidding? Two hours. Being truthful here.

I need an egg timer. But I want the pear-shaped one like in your picture. Way cute.
p.s. I saw "Iron Man" on the evening of Mother's Day, with a good friend. We loved it...and both agreed that 2 hours of Robert Downey, Jr. was not a bad thing. Ha-ha.