Friday, April 4, 2008

Wednesday's & Thursday's Spring Break Adventure

Wedenesday's adventure was:


JJ Jump is an indoor inflatable playground here in town that is a VERY popular place for kids birthday parties. This past winter Benjamin was invited to five parties there, and everytime I would drop him off for another party, Cooper would cry because he did not get to stay.

(out of sympathy for Cooper I have promised him that he can have his fifth birthday party here next November
and he is not letting me forget that)!

So Wednesday we met up with our good friends the Paces and had a bouncy adventure.

Sorry there is no other pictures, it was to dark in there for good pictures.

Thursday's adventure was:

Swimming at the Jim Parsley Center

with DAD!!

(again no pictures because dad doesn't remember to do that and besides they were in the pool)

While my family swam I had TWO whole hours to myself.

"What did I do" you ask?

Of course I went to TARGET all by myself!

Before swimming we had Cooper's second soccer practice (for the team that I am coaching!).

That was an adventure in itself!

This is what Cooper did during the 15 minute car ride from our house to the field:

Note to self: Nap is necessary on Thursdays!

Now it's Friday and raining.

Here is what my children are doing right now:

Do they not know that it is

I guess I better go figure out what today's adventure is going to be and save them from their mind enriching activities!


The Aldridge's said...

I'm jealous that you got to spend time with the Pace's. Sounds like a good time.

Debbie said...

Wait a minute. No trip to Sonic?!!!

meleea said...

what a fun spring break you had! fun memories for the boys - you are great at being intentional! we love JJ Jump too - it is good exercise for us old parents!

Julie said...

what a great spring break! I too, am wondering about sonic!??? so great to finally meet you today, trish. You are a great many fun trips for spring break!

Julie said...

oh, i just signed connor up for soccer through parks and rec for the first time for summer. You wouldn't happen to be coaching again?