Monday, February 11, 2008

Tired and cranky.......

Yep, that's me tonight. Oh yeah, and craving chocolate, which is unusual, because I normally don't favor chocolate (but I do love me some carbs!!). This afternoon, I stood in the grocery store checkout line exercising every ounce of will power I had not to grab at those chocolatey candy bars that were 3 for a buck. I did pick up a couple and look at the calories, and having just come from the gym, I wasn't about to waste my entire workout on one measly candybar, so I resisted. Then I got home, started dinner and sat down for a few minutes of my favorite past time of

blog surfing,

and I found

Hello!! Love those cookies!

So I made them.

(minus the coconut)

Thanks Emily for squashing all my willpower!!

If you have a spare minute, go check out Emily's blog. She is a fun mom and takes amazing pictures that make me want to move to Texas where the sky always seems to be blue!

Somebody call the fire department!

I just found this picture and thought i'd share it with you:

This is my birthday cake last week.

And that wasn't even enough candles.

No wonder I'm tired and cranky!


Eryn said...

oooh. I will check out the info for the Rose City Classic. I've always wanted to do the shamrock run, but I don't think I'll be ready for that one!

That would be fun!(at least, I'd like to think it will be!)

Emily Loria said...

Tricia, you are so funny! I need to stick you on my blogroll since I frequent your blog!! You are hilarious! Thanks for the kudos!!

Jennifer P. said...

I'm finding blog recipes increasingly squashing my willpower as well~! What can you do? I'm trying to look later and later at night, that way I'm pretty much too pooped to cook anything else :)!


Julie said...

happy belated birthday!

Meagan said...

Those cookies are some of our faves, but I have never tried them with cocount...sounds good to me! And since I am not the only one sending belated greetings...Happy Birthday! So sorry it has taken me this long to say it! Love the new look of your blog!