Friday, November 13, 2009

Carnival: If you came to my house today

I'm joining in on a bloggy carnival that I found through my friend Meredith (one of my favorite bloggers that I hope to meet someday "in real life"!). If you care to join along just head over to La Vida Dolce to link up.

If you came to my house today you'd find us still in our pajamas and beds unmade. There is no school today so the boys and I are home. Actually, the boys aren't technically in their pajamas, they are incognito......long johns (white for Ben, black for Cooper), ski goggles and glove, with capes over their backs. They will likely spend the whole day pretending that they are superheros.

If you came to my house today you would find those superheros cleaning alongside their mom. They clean bathrooms very well, the biggest does the sinks, counters and mirror, the youngest scrubs the toilets. Cleaning bathrooms is a task I believe every boy should know how to do. Their wives will thank me some day.

If you came to my house today we would serve you Monkey Bread (we are going to use only one stick of butter, but I'm sure it will still be yummy ) and hot cocoa after you played outside in the fresh snow. Bring your coat, snowpants, hat, gloves and boots, because even though there isn't a cloud in the sky, it is only 14 degrees out. Brrr!

If you came to my house today you would need to bring your game face, because after all the cleaning and playing in the snow is done, there will be games. The favorite of the house lately is Yahtzee.

If you came to my house today you could help me decide what to make for potluck Bible Study tonight. I need to go to the grocery store, but really don't want to, so instead I'll be seeing what I can dig up in the pantry to make.

The superhero wearing black, with a pair of striped pajama pants tied around his neck as a cape, has selected the High School musical as our cleaning soundtrack. It's playing now, guess I better get started.

Thanks for coming by our house today!


Meagan said...

Wish I really could come by your house today! I have a three superheroes who would love to join in the fun. You and I could sit back and eat that Monkey Bread and sip hot chocolate while your kids teach my kids how to scrub the toilets! Miss you!!

Kellie said...

Your super heroes are so cute! Actually, they are strong! And Quick! And Powerful!

(I know my superhero wouldn't like being called "cute")

I enjoyed coming to you house today! I especially enjoyed the Monkey Bread and a day in pajamas!

Thanks for playing!

Happy Friday!

O Mom said...

Love Love Love that you are teaching your boys to clean! (that's the second time I've said that today) Way to go Moms!
My girls will be jealous of all your snow. We are getting our first of it this morning.

Gretchen said...

I just finished reading all about your adventure. WOW!

Thanks for having me. I always feel better when I have a super hero or 2 to protect me.

Gramma 2 Many said...

If I came to your house today, I would hug and kiss two boys and their mommy and daddy, then I would help make dinner. Chicken Enchiladas for Cooper. I would stay overnight and Ben and I would cook dinner together the second night. His choice.
All to soon it would again be time for me to go home and Cooper and I would cry because he would not want me to leave and I would not want to. Ben would hug me and say by gramma, but he would not cry because now he is a big boy, but his face would be sad.
If I came to your house today, I would be the happiest gramma in the world.

Gina said...

If I came to your house today, I would bring a bottle of Baileys, we would forget cleaning and play phase 10 while the children run amok.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

If I came to your house today I would have to travel a VERY long time! But it would be fun!!!

Homestay Mama said...

Hey,I enjoyed the vicarious visit at your house today. "-)
Love that your boys are learning how to clean!

Mama Kat said...

Your house sounds like fun!! Save a spot of hot chocolate for me!

Finnskimo said...

If I came to your house today, I'd bake you some goodies and COMPLETELY enjoy myself in your HUGE WHITE and RED kitchen!

And I'd make you something for the putluck...while we drink hot chocolate (sugar-free for me) and listen to... Cause I'm FABULOUS by Shar-pay! :)

Debbie said...

You are my idol. You get your boys to clean the bathroom??? I am a failure as a mother. Truly. I finally got my son to use the hand vac to clean under the table after dinner.

Debbie said...

Oh and it does sound like a lot of fun to be in your house!!