Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dillingham Alaska

That's where we are heading.

Dave got a promotion!

We leave Kotzebue on October 2nd.

Sad yet excited (with a little overwhelm mixed in) is the best way to describe our feelings.

We have made good friends and enjoyed out time here in Kotzebue.

We have heard that Dillingham is beautiful.

So, off we go (site unseen) to the next leg of our Alaskan Adventure, trusting God all the way!


Katidids said...

Oh how awesome! Youhave to be so excited & dreading packing again! Looks like your closer for family viits tho.
What an adventure for the kids!

Elena said...

Ooooo....moving South! You won't know what to do with all that heat! Congrats, and I hope the move goes smoothly.

Kris said...
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Kris said...

I don't mean to sound whiny but at the rate of 300 miles in 6 months, it's gonna take you 4 more moves and 2 more years to get to where you to where I need you to be!

Eryn said...

Dillingham...that's not the place you told us about, is it? Sounds closer though...that's good!

YES, you can order a Robot your email still the same? Let me know what size and color preference...why don't you email me? erynkesler at gmail dot com

Ashley said...

Wow! Always on the move! Best of luck in Dillingham.

Dee said...

Well at least I can pronounce the name of this place your are headed for. So excited for you and your adventure.

Be sure to give us all your address so you can get Christmas cards.

michelle said...

Congrats Trish and family. Looks like it's closer to civilization? Or do you have to fly into this place too?

Love seeing the pictures and hearing about your adventures. The weather part will get better being further south too right?

Anonymous said...

Hi Trish... thank you for the comment you left for me... you truly made my heart smile! So are you all moved now? How long a flight is it from Anchorage to Dillingham? Michael is talking about a road trip up your way so you never know who might be visiting some day!! I just started reading Fearless... love Max's way with words! And I finished my first SisterChick book and loved it.. laughed, cried and made me want to go run away somewhere with a girlfriend!! Hugs to you and remember that God has you in Dillingham for someone other than your family... I wonder who??? Be blessed my friend... loved your summer posts too... fun!

Debbie said...

Okay...I really need to read more, but I am I will pick up where I left off tomorrow. Night night!