Saturday, July 11, 2009



My sweet friend Michelle (the artist) gave me a new clock last winter at her Studio Sale. I was also able to buy the super adorable matching candlesticks.

Guess what?

He broke the clock AGAIN!

It involved a ball again too.


I want to scream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lee Ann said...

No WAY!!!!!!
That's it.....toss him to the caribou!

Kris said...

Just think, He'll buy you lots of cute things when he's a famous overpaid ball player!

Homestay Mama said...

Hmmm, maybe you should reconsider "Gramma2Many's comment she left you back when it happened the first time! LOL

Elena said...

Man...I left a nice long comment last night, but blogger freaked out and wouldn't publish it. Now I've lost my wit and humor. But it was something along the lines of: Oh NO!!! I'm sure there will be a more severe penalty this time around. And I think Lee Ann's suggestion just might work. :)

bringing up boys said...

Trish, I have always had "things" around the house, cutesy things, breakable things, semi precious things. Gina once asked me how I have breakables with three little boys, to which I answered, It is the boys whom I treasure, things are replaceable. Now, you know how I love my princess house? Well I only have one of my coffee cups left, we have broken two bowls, and a couple of plates as well. Just make it part of his responsibilty to repair/replace it, and move on. He is irreplaceable. BUT take the ball and "lose" it!
At least he isn't a Bull in a china closet! (my youngest).
Love you, Seachelle.

Dee said...

Can you hear me gasping for air! Seriously, oh buddy! I keep making the same mistakes too! Bummer!

Sarah said...

Love him anyway. :)
I have to tell my teenagers to stop throwing things in this condo . . . I know I'll have to do the same when we move into our house next month. One thing is certain: it really isn't on purpose. It isn't really an accident, though, either, 'cos they know they aren't supposed to rough house in the house . . . what to do? Love them anyway.

Beg your friend for mercy????