Monday, January 19, 2009

Wii might need a twelve step program

Exciting times around here at the Hull house.


We had a low key wiikend.

And by low key, this is what I mean:

We hung out with good friends at their house on Friday night. They served us adults a yummy dinner and the kids had pizza, which they all thought was yummy too! Then we played Wii.

Saturday morning Cooper had a soccer game. He scored 12 goals. Yep, 12. Then we came home and played Wii.

Saturday evening the boys and I were getting ready to head over to some other friends house to babysit their kids and play more Wii. I was reaching down to turn off our Wii and my back went out. OUCH! I have a recurring back injury that makes itself known at the least opportune times. But the show must go on and so we went to babysit and play Wii.

Saturday night I slept on the living room floor, and only slept because my good friend "nidociv" (spelled backwards to keep the weirdos away!) was in my system.

Sunday morning there was no way I was going to be able to get to church and sit for an hour and a half without the use of my above mentioned good friend. And since he makes me very drowsy, there was no use going, so I stayed home and slept.

After getting home, the boys played more Wii. Then I kicked them out to play outside, in the sunshine, because the sun don't shine here all that often. They then proceeded to tromp in the front door every fifteen minutes begging to come in and play the Wii. After nearly an hour of that I told them that if they came in again before 4pm for anything other than the potty, I was going to sell the Wii. That was an idle threat, but it worked.

I then decided to try out the Wii Fit that we had bought on Friday. After about 30 minutes of yoga, I discovered that my back had loosened up and was feeling a little bit better. Another reason to play the Wii.

Then some friends came over for dinner and the kids proceeded to play the Wii for the next three hours. They did have to take turns because we have only two controllers and there was four kids............

Monday dawned bright and new and brought with it more Wii playing. I was first, with more yoga. It helped again. My back felt a bit better (until I pushed a full shopping cart around the grocery store). The boys played a little Wii while I prepared my two week meal plan and grocery list.

After the grocery store guess what we did?

Yep, more Wii. but just a little. There was homework to be done.

Then the weekend was over, but not before a little..............

Wrestling with DAD!
(you thought I was going to say Wii!)

Now, I know that you all think that all we did is play Wii all weekend.

That's not completely true.

You see, when I wasn't playing Wii or passed out on the floor from the pain meds, I was over at the Stretch Marks Blog watching this:

I wonder if there is a Wii game that can teach me to dance like that.

(when my back feels better!)

PS. Please disregard my previous post about my children's favorite Christmas gifts. Who was I kidding?


JourneytoFamily said...

Oh I think Wii need a 12-step program too. It can't be bad when it makes you get exercise, right?

Homestay Mama said...

Don't I wish I were as lythe and limber as Beyonce!

Sorry to hear about your back, Trish.

Aileigh said...

When you find that 12 step program, let me know! My kids aren't even old enough to play the Wii, and my hubby and I are addicted! I can't wait to try out the Wii Fit! I hope your back feels better! :)

Amy said...

Aside from the fact that you may, in fact, need a 12-step program!

I can totally teach how to dance like Beyonce. In fact I choreographed that routine they did. Seriously. Just let me change out of my fleece robe and slipper socks and I'll be right over to shake my booty with you.

Elena said...

You should check out Brandy's blog on my list. SHe has a thing for this Beyonce video. All sorts of things that you can't turn your eyes away from. And I too LOVE the wii and I am the QUEEN at that marble balance game on fit. Level 7 baby! Highest in our house and the only thing I ever win at so I claim it loudly. (Hope your back feels better.)

Lula! said...

I love that you called it the "Wiikend." You crack me up, girl.

Oh, and you know what? We never discussed the movie. What's up with that? Commence with the go first...

Dee said...

Well if your 12 step program includes needing a friend to take the system so you can cleanse from you addiction, you can send your Wii system over here. :0)

Lee Ann said...

Maybe you could make some of these to go along with you addiction

Lee Ann said...

Maybe you could make some of these to go along with you addiction

Mom Taxi Julie said...

UGH I want a WII!! It sounds so much fun. So much more fun than just hearing my husband cuss at the PS2 Game all weekend.