Thursday, March 6, 2008

I {HEART} Patrick Swayze...... and other RANDOMNESS

Yep, it's true. Patrick Swayze was my first heart throb crush. If my mom would have let me buy Tiger Beat magazine when I was a preteen I would have skipped over all the pages of the New Kids on the Block and Ricky Schroeder in order to get a glimpse of Patrick Swayze.
I mean, what teenage girl did not wish that they were Jennifer Grey, when he muttered those famous words; "Nobody puts Baby in a corner".
(my mom would have sooner let me buy a Tiger Beat magazine than let me see that movie. She doesn't know that I snuck out with my friend Niki to see it. sorry Mom!)
Sad to hear that he has cancer. But did you know that the guy has been married to his wife since 1975?
Seriously, a 33 year Hollywood marriage!
See, what's not to love?

This is what is in my fridge this week:

and Ihave had to refill it 3 times since Sunday.

Hello, do my kids not know that this is healthy?

This has taken up residence in the boys' bathroom:

And it is actually very funny. Did you know that Hobbes is a stuffed animal that only comes alive to Calvin? I didn't know that.

I have been enlightened by having boys who LOVE comics.

And truthfully, I am starting to love comics too!

(ssshhh......don't tell the boys)


Gina said...

Thanks for breaking mom and dad in for me, I didn't have to sneak! I can still quote the whole thing from beginning to end....
"Baby, is that your name? Well why don't you go back to your playpen, Baby?!"

By the way, I knew that Hobbes is stuffed- but don't tell Calvin!

Jennifer P. said...

I was sad to hear about Patrick Swayze too. My friend's mom died of pancreatic cancer and it's a nasty one. At least he sounds like he's lived the kind of life that will let him leave it with a peaceful heart.

We have EVERY Calvin and Hobbes ever written. Seriously. My oldest son taught himself to read when he was 5 so he could read Calvin and Hobbes whenever he wanted without having to ask me to read it to him. Those two hold a special place in my heart :)! The boys even dressed up as them one Halloween. Enjoy it while you can!

Hope all is well and you're still enjoying your blue skies!

meleea said...

Cody went through a long season of reading Calvin and Hobbes as his bible. He was obsessed! They are pretty hilarious.

I loved dirty dancing too, only don't tell my mom!

Your Mama said...

You are on restrictions!!!

annette said...

who's "your mama"?

Trish said...

Quite likely my mother!