Sunday, December 23, 2007

Gingerbread Houses

One day after school this week we had Ben's friend Lauren over after school to decorate gingerbread houses. They had alot of fun and created quite the masterpieces. When Lauren's mom came to pick her up we decided to go grab some dinner together. Dave and Cooper were out together having dinner with another friend, so it was just Ben and I along with Lauren and her mom Vicki. We decided on Applebees, since it was close. As we were getting ready to leave, Ben asked if I could give him $20 and just drop him and Lauren off at Applebees. When I asked him what Vicki and I would eat, he said "you two could go to McDonalds".


Lee Ann said...

What did you say to that?!!!

Trish said...

But Vicki and I had a good laugh about it. It gave us a glimpse into the future!!

Eryn said...

Wow...wanting alone time with a girl already?? I'm sure it was innocent enough, that's hilarious! Dave looks great in a cap and gown, too, I must say!Congrats to him and you too for surviving! I, too, am enjoying the fact that the college phase of life is behind us (at least for now!)! God is good to bring our marriages thru intact!! (And with our kids still remembering their daddies!)