Monday, November 19, 2007

Scones and Little Birds

Benjamin was assigned a project last Friday that is due tomorrow. And we completely forgot about it over the weekend. Possibly because we were having far to much fun cleaning up the gazillion leaves in our yard and trimming all the rhododendrons and it just slipped our minds that we were supposed to create a food to take to class on Tuesday along with a 2 minute report about his heritage!
It was so tempting tonight to just throw a bottle of Ketchup in his backpack and call it good because we are pretty much of the Heinz 57 pedigree. There is so many heritages to choose from that just about the only food we could not send was chips and salsa! But we decided on Scones, and his English heritage. His report is more centered on the United Kingdom, which includes England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, all from which he draws his heritage. So tonight we set out to make scones. Now granted, I have never really had a scone that I enjoyed. They always seem to be to dry, and difficult to swallow. Maybe that is why they are always paired with tea or Starbucks coffee. But every website that I went to on my quest for the "perfect" (translate: easy) scone recipe dubbed theirs the "most moist" scone on the planet. So after a little surfing I found two recipes for scones and took them into the kitchen along with my seven year old to create our heritage. I adapted and married the two recipes to fit the ingredients that I had available and off we went. He measured and sifted the dry ingredients while I combined the eggs, buttermilk and vanilla. Then I showed him how to "cut in" the butter. Of course my graceful "cutting" turned into his shower of flour flying everywhere. Then we combined the wet and the dry, added some cinnamon and raisins (our adaption), rolled, cut, brushed with cream, and sprinkled the top with cinnamon and sugar and into the oven they went. Fifteen minutes later out came the yummiest, most moist scones I have ever tasted! I should offer my adapted recipe to Starbucks. Of course, yummy and moist translates into calorie ridden and forbidden, but I did taste one. After all I could not send a treat to school that I wasn't sure tasted delicious, besides it's our heritage!

Oh yeah, Cooper spent the evening pretending he was a little bird. He flapped his little wings all through the house, jumped off the back of the couch pretending to fly, tried to peck his dinner, and then tonight when I went to tuck him in to bed, he was laying on top of about 15 stuffed animals stacked under his blanket. When I asked him why, he said it was his nest and he was going to sleep in it. Okay. All I can figure is that Diego must have saved a little bird this morning on his show? However, when I just checked on him and it looks as if the little bird has fallen out of his nest.
Is anyone, besides me, watching the countdown? We are under a month until my husband graduates from college!!!!!


Lee Ann said...

I'm watching girlfriend. I just keep looking and saying "she's gonna make it!"

Will you share your scone recipe? I have a raspberry filled one my family likes, but they can be a bit dry. Maybe I could "marry" them as well.

Kelli said...

At home group the other night we were just talking about how long until he graduates!!! We're going to have a Christmas home group dinner and are hoping you guys can make it...We'll get you the date as soon as we figure it out, probably by next meeting time...hugs! Kel

michelle said...

hey girlfriend, i tried to send you the official invite to the Girls Turkey Bowl but the email address I have for you came back to me??

Gina said...

So, Trish, did you get an A?